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Careful planning
makes for great results.
Our approach is smart and deliberate and takes full advantage of the possibilities.


The Process

1 Upon procuring a new client, our very first step is to research, research, and research some more.

Our philosophy is that in order to achieve a client's objective, we must first gain a thorough understanding of what their company stands for, where their specific industry lies, and ultimately what they are trying to accomplish.

Research begins at our very first client meeting, by thoroughly getting to know our client's perspective.

We then go on to research the industry in order to assess our client's position, and determine where their particular strengths lie.

Our last segment of research delves into the demographic and target audience. This last aspect is most crucial in determining the course a campaign will take.


2 Following the initial researching process, we plan a course of action.

This step includes determining which style the campaign will adopt, what mediums should be utilized to execute the campaign, and how to best distribute the funds allocated for the campaign. All this is influenced by demographics, preferences and budgets.


3 Then the design process begins.

Each project takes on a life of its own. From the initial sketches and storyboards to the final pieces, extreme attention is given to the minutest of details, so that the campaign flows seamlessly throughout.